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2019 MASS B.A.S.S Nation Pro-Am Trail Schedule

April 13 - Mashpee / Wakeby (Mashpee) 

May 11 - Quinsigimond (Worcester Rt 20 Flint Pond Ramp) 

June 8 - South Watuppa (Fall River) 

July 13 - Buffumville Res (Oxford) 

August 10 - (TOC)
Long Pond Lakeville


These rules are in addition to the MBN Tournament Rules. It is understood by all contestants that the MBN Tournament Rules are part of these ProAm Tournament Rules. Both the MBN Tournament Rules and the following ProAm Tournament rules will apply at all ProAm events – including the State Fishoffs.

  1. Format:
    1. The ProAm tournaments are “opens” and can be fished by any angler bringing to the event a tournament rigged bass boat of a minimum of 15’. This person would enter the event as a “Pro.”
    2. The ProAm tournaments are “opens” and can be fished by any angler not bringing a boat to the tournament. This person is called an “Am.”
    3. It will be determined by a “blind draw” as to which Pro fishes with which Am.
    4. The Pro, which we call “boater,” chooses were to fish and has complete control of the trolling motor and the operation of the gas motor.
    5. The Am, which we call the “co-angler” and “non-boater”, fishes from the back platform of the boat. He/she will not cast beyond the console of the boat.
    6. The Pros only compete against the other Pros. The Ams only compete against the other Ams.
    7. If more boaters show up for a tournament than non-boaters than there will be a drawing to determine which boater will fish alone. If the event is more than a one-day event then the boater that fishes alone the first day will not fish alone in that tournament the following days.
    8. Note: The above “g.” is not used at the MBN Fishoffs, where there must be an even number of Pros and Ams.
    9. Ams must bring their own life vest to every event.
    10. In-State tournament waters will be off limits as of 12:01 A.M. the morning of the tournament. Out of state tournaments may or may not have a cutoff and will be determined when the schedule is announced.
    11. Limits of 5-fish for the Pro and 3 fish for the Am will be for all ProAm tournaments.
  2. Entry Fee – Payout – TOC - Divisionals:
    1. The entry fee for the Pro will be $125.
    2. The entry fee for the Am will be $60.
    3. Separate payouts for both the Pros and the Ams and amounts are dependent on the number of entries for both.
    4. The top 10 Pros and top 10 Ams will be invited to the Tournament of Champions, AKA: TOC
    5. Both the Pro and the Am will receive 200 points for winning, 199 for 2nd, 198 for 3rd etc.
    6. Any competitor that enters a tournament, but does not weigh-in a fish, will receive 100 points.
    7. The top 3 Pros and the top 3 Ams (most points), at the end of the final tournament and are MBN members by the date of the final tournament, will have an automatic berth on the State Team that competes in what is called the Eastern Divisionals.
    8. Only MBN members can be Anglers of the Year (AOY) and qualify to be on the State Team. This means that AOY will be determined by the MBN member with the most points.
    9. The Pro Angler of the Year and the Am Angler of the Year will be presented the “Yellick Memorial Trophy” at the Annual Awards Banquet.



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