Tournament Rules

Posted December 2, 2012


  2. Every boat must have all required Coast Guard safety equipment
  3. Each boat must have a working kill switch
  4. All boats must have a mechanically aerated live well
  5. All competitors are required to wear a life vest when the boats gasoline engine is on.
  6. DRUGS & ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are not allowed.
  7. A minimum of $300,000 liability insurance is required
  8. All contestants must have a valid fishing license for each state waters fished. (Boater must have safe boaters certificate if fishing New Hampshire waters)
  9. Protests must be brought to the attention of the tournament Director before the official weigh-in begins. The tournament Director’s decision will be final
  10. 2016 Trail will have a cut-off, no practice on the body of water Thursday & Friday before tournament
  11. Only artificial lures may be used. No live or prepared bait allowed.
  12. Only one fishing rod per angler allowed at one time may be used. No trolling allowed
  13. Fishing permitted anywhere on tournament waters
  14. A limit of 5 bass per boater and 3 fish limit per co-angler, minimum length 12”
  15. Culling fish must be done immediately when 6th fish is caught. (Cannot be done at the ramp)
  16. More than 5 fish presented at weigh-in will result in loss of weight of biggest fish.
  17. Any short fish turned in at weigh-in will not count & a 1lb PENALTY will be assessed for each short fish
  18. A .25 PENALTY will be assessed for each dead fish
  19. A 1lb PENALTY will be assessed for each minute late. More than 15 minutes late will disqualify that team
  20. Tournament winners will be determined by the total pounds & ounces of catch(5 fish limit)
  21. A tie for 1st place will be determined by the # of live fish, then heaviest fish, all other ties will stand & the monies will be combined and paid out equally
  22. Launch position will be determined by random draw at each event at 6:40am. Participants that show up after draw will be sent away.
  23. Infringement of these rules shall be considered cause for disqualification
  24. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any applicant
  25. Points will be 200 first place, 199 for 2nd, 198 for 3rd and so on.
  26. Only Largemouth and Smallmouth may be weighed in
  27. Nets will be allowed
  28. Pro Am Style trail-pro anglers w/co-anglers-Blind draw
  29. Must check in by 6:20am
  30. Boats must be in water by 6:30am
  31. Tournament briefing and draw will take place at 6:40am.
  32. Top 10 Boaters and top 10 Co-anglers will be invited to TOC.
  33. Co-Angler must fish from back of the boat
  34. Must be a MASS BASS Nation of Massachusetts member to be eligible to receive any give away prizes that are given out at TOC.
  35. Participants must check in with the assigned check in boat at the end of the event.
  36. Tournament Committee will pull their boats first, no other boats will be allowed to pull unless otherwise mentioned in the A.M. briefing.
  37. No culling DEAD fish.
  38. A Non-MASS BASS Nation participant fishing in 2016 will be required to join the Nation when returning in 2017.
  39. Sportsmanship-All contestants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and consideration. Violation of this policy shall be reason for disqualification.
  40. 2016 Pro-am is an open trail-only a Mass Bass Nation member can be Angler of the Year and qualify to be on the State-Team-Therefore AOY will be determined by first Mass Bass Nation member.