Lentine & Delany: Back to Back to Back

webster scalewebster winner

Ray and Eli won the MBN Classic Team Championship for 2019. Because of the Covid the entire tournament schedule was thrown to the wind and after that September 2019 TOC the next team tournament wasn’t until July 10th on Congamond. Ray and Eli won that with 17+ pounds. The next tournament was this past Friday, September 11, on Webster Lake. They won their third tournament in a row with 20.44 pounds for 5 largemouth.

September 11th was a cloudy day with a 15 degree temperature drop from the day before. Webster Lake was lower than it had been in years. Add to the mix that the lake had been sprayed to where even some of the small coves were devastated. This team thought about low tide in some of the tidal rivers they had fished, to where the bass moved out on low tide. That’s where the bass were, but if there was any weed at all – the bass were there. The bigger bass came from the two marinas off the deeper ends of the boats.

There is no MBN Classic Team TOC this year. Eli and Ray would have been looking forward to it.


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