South Watuppa 8/2

The Sunday classic team trail had its second tournament. This past Sunday on South Watuppa. The day started with great weather. As the day progressed the wind kicked up and showers were closing In. For most the bite was slow to non existent for hours. Even with the weather moving in. That some of us thought would turn the fish on. However as it happens many times one team puts something together. That team was the Orsi’s with a great bag 15.73 and lunker a 5.51 largemouth. Congrats guys for a second great win. They earned every penny out there and points. Congrats again guys. I will see everyone at our next event on Long pond lakeville September 6th. Thank you everyone for coming out on Sunday and being a great crew of guys.

Thank you Ben Hale


Team Weight Points
Mark/Aaron Orsi 15.73 200
Moorey/Moorey 11.78 199
John/ Dan Hodgles 11.01 198
Ray L/ Bob Puishys 9.86 197
Mike/ Dan Mullane 8.22 196
Woody McKechnie/ Mike Mello 7.79 195
Jake Santos/Ben Hale 5.59 194
Matt Klinker/ Duty Chaulk 5.54 193
Brandon Regnault/ Rj Ricci 5.2 192
Josh Cotier/ Chip Servant 4.8 191

Standings Year to Date:

Team   Manchaug South Watuppa  Total
Mark/Aaron Orsi   200 200 400
Moorey/Moorey   196 199 395
Jake Santos/Ben Hale   199 194 393
Woody McKechnie/ Mike Mello   197 195 392
John/ Dan Hodgles   191 198 389
Josh Cotier/ Chip Servant   198 191 389
Ray L/ Bob Puishys   192 197 389
Brandon Regnault/ Rj Ricci   194 192 386
Matt Klinker/ Duty Chaulk   193 193 386
Mike/ Dan Mullane   0 196 196
Guiseppe Andreoli/ Chris Heltemes   195 0 195
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