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2017 MBN = Pro Am year to date standings

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  • June 28th, 2017

Team Classic Results – Webster Lake, May 17, 2017

Team Classic Webster Results – May 17, 2017

Webster Webster Wequaket Total
Team Weight Points Points Points Standings
Jim Gildea/Warren Burrell 12.73 198 200 398 1st
Ray Lentine/Marsha Geller 8.35 196 197 393 2nd
Aaron Douyard/George Barnes 13.13* 200 192 392 3rd
Randy Phillip/Tevor Phillipp 11.25 197 193 390 4th
Matty Klinker/Dusty Chaulk 5.59 191 195 386 5th
Craig Nealley/Max Woodward 7.62 194 191 385 6th
Gerald Santos/Joel Latorre 7.70 195 100 295 7th
Al Gagliarducci/Godsey 13.13 199 199 8th
Jim Moorey/Tyler Moorey 6.93 193 193 9th
Ron Coporale/Paul Grzyb 6.31 192 192 10th
*Tiebreaker – Big Fish


Points for Teams that fished one TournamentsNotes:  Webster, like other lakes in Central Massachusetts, has been in and out of spawn for the past 15+ days. Very few smallmouth were caught, but beds were everywhere. Most of the largemouth beds had small males. Water Temp 59 in the morning and went up to 62. The wind blew, as it has for most of this spring.


Gagliarducci/Godsey 199
Andrews/Leppanen 199
Smith/Barnicle 198
Servant/Brown 194
Moorey/Moorey 193
Corporale/Grzyb 192


WICKABOAG: June 21st.  Ray Lentine has only talked with one person that has been on the lake. He said it will take a 20 lb bag to win.  It butts up against Rte 9. Turn at the West Brookfiled Police Station which is in the center of town.  The lake has a rock pile, but it has a buoy on it.

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  • May 18th, 2017

2017-04-19 B.A.S.S. Classic Team Tournament Wequaket Results

Here are the results of the Massachusetts B.A.S.S. Classic Team Tournament held on Wequaket
Lake April 19, 2017.
Place Team Weight Points Total Points
1st Jim Gildea and Warren Burrell 15.73 200 200
2nd George Smith and Ted Barnicle 13.88 199 199
3rd Dave Andrews and Scott Leppanen 11.47 198 198
4th Ray Lentine and Marcia Geller 10.69 197 197
5th Louie Bernardo and Bob Daly 10.21 196 196
6th Matty Klinker and Dusty Chaulk 8.91 195 195
7th Chip Servant and Tab Brown 7.48 194 194
8th Randy Phillips and Trevor Phillips 6.83 193 193
9th Aaron Douyard and Dave Swimm 6.77 192 192
10th Craig Nealley and Max Woodward 5.79 191 191
Gerald Santos and Joel Latorre Did not weigh-in fish 100 100

Everyone caught a limit. Largemouth ruled the day. Bigger fish were shallow. Water temp: 55/57.  Windy with off and on sun and clouds.


PLEASE let Ray Lentine know if you are planning on fishing this tournament. Just send Ray an e-mail or a text with your name, contact info, and “I’ll be there.” You can pay at the ramp.  Ray needs to get some idea of how many teams will participate.


Fishing should be right in the middle of the spawn and this usually brings people out of the woodwork.


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  • April 20th, 2017

MBN Mashpee Results 04-08-2017

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  • April 14th, 2017

2017 Pro Am Tournament Trail

Attention Anglers

The Fishing season is fast approaching. I would like to thank all of you who have reached out to me about fishing the upcoming season. I’m excited to be back running this trail some of you know that when we started the pro/am draw format it was Ray and I who headed it up. I feel now as well as back then this is the best format to get our young people involved in the sport.

With that being said we are asking that everyone who is interested in this trail to please send me either a text or email confirming that you are in. If you have already have as a courtesy could you please resend one. If you are concerned about your spot you can send a check made out to MFN and send them to:

Eric Johnson

11 Pine Hill Rd.

Kingston Ma. 02364

My email is:

My cell is  781-831-2502

Thank you to everyone let’s make this season a great season. With all the great people and angler’s we have its sure to be awesome.


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  • March 19th, 2017

2017 Mass Bass Nation Pro-Am trail info

bass nation

2017 Mass Bass Nation

Pro/Am Trail

This year’s trail will change slightly from last year.

There will be 5 tournaments with one drop.

The TOC will count towards the angler of the year points.

We will take the top 50%of the field to a no entry TOC.

The entry fees for this year are PRO=$125  AM=$50

Opt. Lunker PRO=$10 AM=$10

PRO money gets paid out $20 towards TOC per entry $5 to State Remainder Paid at each event.

AM money gets paid out $10 towards TOC per entry

Remainder paid at each event.




April 8th

Mashpee Wakeby


May 13th

Webster lake


June 10th

 Conn. Rv. Oxbow


July 8th



September 9th




Tournament Director
Eric Johnson


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  • March 18th, 2017