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2017 Massachusetts B.A.S.S. Nation TEAM TOURNAMENT RULES and APPLICATION


TEAM 2017 Tournament Application

2017 Massachusetts B.A.S.S. Nation TEAM TOURNAMENT RULES

Specific For:

“The MassB.A.S.S. Nation Classic Team Trail”

Participation Requirements: The MassB.A.S.S. Nation Classic Team Trail, hereby known in these rules as “Classic Team Trail,” has no restrictions as to the participants with the exception of:

  1. All Boaters must be a minimum of 21 years of age as of date of tournament.
  2. All Non Boaters must be 18 years of age as of the date of the tournament OR
    1. They have a signed note from their parent/guardian giving them permission to fish as a non-boater.
    2. The person is fishing with a parent or guardian.
  3. All local and state regulations must be followed – including both anglers having a valid fishing license for the state in which the tournament is held. If the tournament is on water that is in two states and a license is not reciprocal for both states, both anglers must have valid licenses for both states.
  4. A minimum boat length of 15 feet is required to compete. No pontoon boats allowed. A functioning livewell that will hold and keep alive eight (8) bass is required. If there are no operating livewells in the boat, the team will not be allowed to fish that tournament.
  5. Only artificial lures will be allowed, with the exception of retail pork used as a trailer. Nets are allowed. There is no limit to the amount of rods being allowed in the boat. Only one rod will be allowed to be used at a time, which means no form of trolling. Keeping a pork trailer wet by allowing it to be just under the surface is allowed.  Alabama Rigs are not allowed on Massachusetts waters.

Membership Requirements: There are no membership requirements, but if the team that wins the points title and has qualified for the Classic Team Fishoff, where the winner of that tournament goes on to The Classic, then both members of that team must be a member of B.A.S.S. before the first tournament.  Joining B.A.S.S. is easy, just go to – it cost just $25. If you have no desire to fish in the World Series of Bass Fishing: The BassMasters Classic, then you don’t need to join. Remember, once the day of the first tournament arrives and you are not a member of B.A.S.S., you can still fish for the purses, but not be able to go on to the Classic Team Fishoff – even if you win the TOC.

To Enter:

Option # 1: Pre-Registration – This option is preferred so we don’t have teams showing up and not being able to fish. The cutoff will be 15 teams.  Teams have two ways to pre-register:

  • Send a Check, along with the a separate application for each tournament and a $300,000 insurance binder that is dated to cover the tournament in which the team will be fishing. (Each application mailed will need a separate binder. If a team enters more than one tournament and they enter multiple tournaments per mailing, then only one insurance binder is necessary per mailing.) Send check, binder and application and made payable to:

Ray Lentine

193 Sutton Ave

Oxford, MA 01540


  • You can pay with a credit/debit card. Either txt/call (508-826-7471) Ray with your Credit Card #, Exp date, the 3 digit code on the back, the name on the card and the billing address.  Note: The info will be run through Ray’s business account. The bank charges us 3 ¾% to use the service. The amount charged will be $155.63.


Option # 2: Pay at the Ramp –  Teams can enter the morning of each tournament. You will fill out an application that morning and LEAVE  A COPY of your insurance for $300,000 Liability. The entry Fee is $150 per tournament – cash only.



(The application can be seen by going to the MassB.A.S.S. Nation website )

B.A.S.S. Fee:  Every team member must pay a 1 time fee of $10. This money will go to BASS National as part of the payout for the Finals down south and will be collected the morning of the team’s first tournament. (This fee is not part of the $150 entry fee.)

Payouts:  $10 per team will be subtracted from the entry fee. This money will be kept and given to the winner of the TOC to offset the expense to attend The Classic Team Championship. This will leave $140 per team.

1st Place: 2/3 of  total entries   Full Field = $1400

2nd Place: 1/3 of total entries   Full Field = $700

Only two places will be paid out.  There will be an optional LUNKER POOL @ $10 PER TEAM

Substitute: At one tournament only a team may substitute a co-angler. This substitute Co-Angler will not fish the TOC. The original team will be the team members that qualify for the TOC.


  1. Points will be determined by finish: 1st Place = 200 points –  2nd place = 199  –  3rd = 198, etc.
  2. If a team fishes an event, but does not weigh-in a fish, they will receive 100 points.
  3. There will not be a drop tournament.
  4. Cumulative Standings will be posted on the MassB.A.S.S. Nation website.


This is a five (5) fish limit trail. Only five fish will be allowed in your livewells and five fish brought to the scale. Largemouth and Smallmouth that are a minimum of 12” will be considered legal. Any fish, as determined by the officials, that is determined questionable as to mutilation or how long fish had been dead – will not be allowed.

Road to The BassMasters Classic:

  1. Using the Points method above, the top 5 teams from the trail will qualify to fish a 5th This tournament will be called: “The MassB.A.S.S. Classic Team Championship.” That team will have won that title and will be the “MassB.A.S.S. Classic Team Champions.” The 2017 Team Champions will qualify to represent MassB.A.S.S. Nation at the Classic Team Fishoff. They will compete for 2 days and the top 3 teams (6 individuals) after those two days will fish that third day alone.  The non-boaters will be

given bassboats to use on this third day. The person, on that third day, that wins will have an automatic entry in the most prestigious tournament in the world: The BassMasters Classic

 EPO –Launch FEES:

  1. EPO Fee: With 15 boats there should not be any EPO Officer needed. .
  2. Launch Fees: These fees are known when lakes are chosen. At this writing there are no known fees.


Check-in between 5:30 and 6:30. Because the people running this trail also fish the trail, they must also have time to put away check-in materials/tables, etc. and prepare for the tournament. Therefore, any team that tries to check in after 6:30 will be turned away.

Tournament Hours: Unless weather or other situations cause a delay, all tournaments will start at 7:00 A.M. and end at 3 P.M.


Boat Examination and Launching at a site other than Check-in Ramp:

  1. Every boat will be checked by a MassB.A.S.S. Nation official. If you intend to enter the tournament you are giving permission for a MassB.A.S.S. Nation official to inspect your boat. Inspection may include the

entire boat and not just livewells.

  1. If a team launches their boat at a ramp that is not at the check-in site, they must beach their boat and alert a MassB.A.S.S. Nation official so the boat can be inspected.
  2. All inspected boats will have their trolling motors “ribboned.”

Leaving the Boat: Once the tournament starts no contestant will be allowed to leave the boat with the following exceptions:

  1. If there is a bathroom or port-o-john and a member must relieve themselves, the other member

must stay in the boat.

  1. Medical Emergency.
  2. Leaving a hook on a dock/boat must be avoided. ONE member will be allowed to retrieve a hook that is stuck on a dock or a boat tied to a dock. No one will be allowed to retrieve a hook/lure that is stuck on land and cannot be reached by staying in the boat.

Take-Off and Weigh-in Procedure:

  1. One member from each team, when they sign-up the morning of the tournament, will draw their take-off number.
  2. To not stress out the bass, the weigh-in will be by called number ONLY. Do not bring fish to scales until called. Starting at #1 and depending on the number of boats in the tournament, teams will be called to the scales 5 Teams at a time. To save time: If numbers 6 thru 10 are called (for example) teams 11 thru 15 should bag their bass. At the Pre-tournament meeting it will announced who the Tournament Officials are AND if the weigh-in will be a “beached boats” or a “pull boats” weigh-in. To have a speedy weigh-in, the officials need to weigh-in first and their takeoff numbers will not be a factor for the weigh-in.


Late for Weigh-in:  There will be a deduction of one pound for every minute a team is late. This means that a team must either check-in with a check-in boat, or with a check-in official standing on shore, or the boat beached by the official end of the tournament.

Dead Fish: There will be NO culling of dead fish. There is a fine line here. If you think a fish is dying and you want to cull it before it dies, this is allowed, but if the fish is dead – you must bring it to the scales.  Any fish that is brought to the scales dead will be assessed a ¼ pound penalty (.25 lb.) per dead fish.

Under 12”: All bass caught must be 12” minimum length. A 1 pound penalty will be assessed for bringing a short fish to the scale and that fish will not be allowed. BEFORE a team brings fish to the scale, they will be allowed to compare their measuring device to the measuring ruler being used at the scale. (Golden Rule)

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: These tournaments are a COMPETITION and sanctioned by B.A.S.S.  Fair play is demanded, but aggressiveness is part of any sport. There will be occasions that two teams will come to the same spot on the water. Talk to each other as to what path you take. “Cutting Off” another angler is not something that is punishable, but doing so will not be looked upon favorably by the competitors or the organizers. If a team is, for example, fishing a row of docks, a substantial amount of those docks would be on a first come- first to fish basis. The bottom line: If it doesn’t feel right to do it – don’t do it.

Staying competitive as you use common sense is what should be practiced. Coming upon a canoe, kayak or any small boat, no matter where you are on a river, you must slow down to no wake.


Safe boating is required at all times. Most New England waters have a 45 mph speed limit. Some have “no wake” until a certain time and others have different speed limits for different parts of the lake. It is each boat driver’s responsibility to know the speed limit on the water they fish.


  1. Each team member must wear a Coast Guard approved chest-type Personal Flotation Device (PFD) whenever the gasoline engine is on. The boat does not need to be moving. If the engine is on and a vest is not worn by both team members – the team WILL BE disqualified.
  2. Kill switch cords must be attached to the PFD if the engine is on.


  1. 150’ must be the distance between all boats on plane, no matter if the other boat is in the tournament.
  2. No external fuel tanks will be allowed. Only the fuel in the boat’s installed gas tank will be used. The only refueling allowed will be at a regulated fuel depot, such as in a marina.


  1. Protest: If you want to file a protest against another team, you must do so in writing, before the end of the weigh-in and before the scales are closed. The person filing a protest must be available when the protest is reviewed and when, if needed, a penalty is given. The MassB.A.S.S. Nation Officials at the tournament will determine the severity of the offense and the penalty.
  2. Citation: If any team is given a Citation for any on the water offense, they must inform a MassB.A.S.S. Nation Official. Not informing an official that a Citation was given will disqualify that team for the balance of that year’s Classic Team Trail. If a team is given a Citation, then that team’s weight will not be allowed.
  3. Off-Limits and Cutoff:
    1. If a Cutoff Period is announced/posted and if a team or a member of a team is found fishing during the period, then that team will be disqualified from the tournament held on that lake. (If there is a cutoff it will be posted on the MassB.A.S.S. Nations website. It will be important, before you prefish, to check the website and the info for that tournament. )
    2. There are some bodies of water where there will be “Off-Limits.” So anglers don’t waste time prefishing off limit areas, MassB.A.S.S. Nation, when possible, will post those off-limits on the MassB.A.S.S. Nation website. If there are off limits they will be announced at the pre-tournament meeting. Off-limits only pertain to the actual tournament hours. Any team caught in a designated off limit area during the tournament will be disqualified from that tournament.
  4. Drugs and/or Alcohol: None are allowed 6 hours before an event, during the event or at the weigh-in site. Never will illegal drugs or alcohol be allowed in a boat that is being used in the tournament. If illegal drugs or alcohol are found in the boat, the team will be disqualified from that tournament.
  5. The use of cell phones or walkie talkies to communicate with teams in the event is not allowed.

Disqualifications or assessed penalties and any interpretations of these rules will only be by the designated tournament officials at each tournament. These officials will be announced at each tournament at the pre-tournament meeting.

Pre-tournament Meeting: Required for all participants (both team members) to attend the Pre-tournament Meeting. These meeting will take place on or about 6:45 A.M., so plan accordingly.

MassB.A.S.S. Nation Tournament Officials: They will be announced at the Pre-Tournament Meeting. Ray Lentine will be at every tournament and will be one of the tournament officials. He can be reached by cell phone: 508-826-7471.

Note: It is the desire of MassBASS Nation to keep each tournament semi-small. This will allow us to fish smaller less pressured waters. The popularity of this trail will hopefully catalyst a 2nd 15 fish Classic Team Trail in Massachusetts the following year. We hope you support this trail and spread the word if you find the trail being run professionally and fairly. Thank you in advance for your support.

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  • January 25th, 2017

2017 Mass Bass Nation Awards Banquet

Please come join the Massachusetts Bass Nation for the 2017 Awards Banquet!

When:  Saturday March 18th 2017

Start Time:  5:00PM

Where: Franklin Elks Lodge 1077 Pond Street Franklin, MA 02038

Tickets will be available for purchase at the door for $25 each.  Price includes entry for a Door Prize.

Great Food, Great Raffles, Great People, Great Time…..!

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  • January 19th, 2017

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  • December 20th, 2016

2017 Mass Bass Nation Pro-Am trail info

bass nation

2017 Mass Bass Nation

Pro/Am Trail

This year’s trail will change slightly from last year.

There will be 5 tournaments with one drop.

The TOC will count towards the angler of the year points.

We will take the top 50%of the field to a no entry TOC.

The entry fees for this year are PRO=$125  AM=$50

Opt. Lunker PRO=$10 AM=$10

PRO money gets paid out $20 towards TOC per entry $5 to State Remainder Paid at each event.

AM money gets paid out $10 towards TOC per entry

Remainder paid at each event.




April 8th

Mashpee Wakeby


May 13th

Webster lake


June 10th

 Conn. Rv. Oxbow


July 8th



September 9th




Tournament Director
Eric Johnson


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  • November 22nd, 2016

Passing of Larry Matthews

It is with deep sadness that Mass Bass Nation informs all that
Larry Matthews, of West Bridgewater, MA, a lifelong BASS member and member of the Mass Bass Nation Hall of Fame, passed away on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.
The services for Larry Mathews are at Waitt funeral home,  850 North Main Street,  Brockton.  Sunday November 6th from 4pm to 8pm.  Funeral will be on Monday November 7th at 10am
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  • November 1st, 2016

Jimmy Fund Benefit Bass Tournament


Memorial Team Invitational JIMMY FUND Benefit Bass Tournament


October 2, 2016

Mashpee-Wakeby Lake

60 Team Limit

80% Payback

Top 9 Teams


All entries must be received by: September 17, 2016


Hosted By:

American Bass Anglers

New England East


Rod Jockeys of Cape Cod

Mass. BASS Nation Bass Club


**Entry Fee: $160.00 per team**

** Includes $10.00 Lunker pool,  & EPO Fees**


Tracker/Nitro Incentive Program


Highest finish Tracker/Nitro owner to receive $200  gift certificate from BassPro Shops, Foxboro.

Courtesy of

Blake Phillips

Boating and Marine Manager


Must be pre-registered and  provide copy of boat registration or title with application*




Off Limits: September 26, 2016   until launch time on October 2, 2016


Check in & Boat inspection: 6:00 AM   Launch: 7:00 AM   Weigh-in : 3:00 PM


  1. All Massachusetts Fish & Game laws apply.
  2. All boats must be a minimum of 16 feet & equipped w/a steering wheel, aerated live well(s) & a kill switch.
  3. Each team will only weigh-in 5 FISH
  4. Artificial baits only.
  5. A penalty of 4 ozs. (0.25) will be deducted for each dead fish weighed in.
  6. A penalty of 1 lb. will be deducted for each fish below the 12 inches minimum length.
  7. All fish must be brought to the scales in a lunker bag.
  8. All boats will maintain a 25 yard distance from another competitor’s boat, anchored or not.
  9. All protests must be submitted in writing to the director NO LATER THAN 4: PM.
  10. All ties will be first decided by NUMBER of LIVE FISH. If a ties still exists, the tying team with the BIGGEST bass will be the winner.
  11. All boats must have a minimum of $100,000 liability insurance.

*12.  There must be at least 4 pre registered Tracker/Nitro  boat owners pre registered to qualify for gift certificate

  1. Qualifiers must fish out of their own boat
  2. Qualifiers will be announced during pre tournament briefing

Download the application here:

Barnicle App 2016

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  • September 15th, 2016